1. Our vision is to transform the lives of youth with a total educational experience of the highest quality in order to improve their employability to upgrade their socio-eco status.
  2. We believe that the best Education can be brought to our local village.
  3. We believe that Education is more than just book, building & curriculum.
  4. We believe in making the students responsible citizens of our Nation.
  5. We believe in Excellent Education.
  6. The vision statement of the college is “To provide quality education to all classes of the society".
  7. To enrich education of rural students, build confidence and enhance opportunities to succeed.
  8. To empower our students for facing challanges of Globalization .
  9. To make them self-sufficient, self-reliant and encourage them to become self-employed.
  10. To promote educational, social, cultural and economic development of the students and inculcate in them the skills of employability entrepreneurship and balanced emotional growth.


  1. To provide quality education to the students who don’t have vision, come from deprived section of society without any sound educational background, loaded with bad habits of irregularities, accustomed with mal-practices in examinations, having no command over any language (even in mother tongue)and to bridge the gap between these students and the standard of urban students so that they can cope with challenging changing world scenario.
  2. Contributing to society through promotion of teaching, learning and knowledge.
  3. Providing state-of-the-art technology and facilities of global standard.
  4. Equipping students to face the realities of life.
  5. Attracting the best of professionals and able professors and retaining them by providing conducive and motivating work environment.
  6. "To provide value based education to make the students competent, accountable and civilized citizens".
  7. To Transform The Life Of The Under Privileged, The Rural And Adivasi Students Through Quality Higher Education And Mould Them Into Responsible Citizans.
  8. To encourage the students to become more responsible to the society and the nation and be a good citizen of India.
  9. To develop the environment through various extra and co-curricular activities which .
  10. To cultivate moral, ethical and cultural values among students.